About Starcode

Starcode is a New York City based modern rock band.  The O’Connor brothers create a solid backbone to which catchy pop vocal melodies and interwoven guitars and loops cling creating songs that electrify the listener leaving one wanting more.  Recorded with producer Dale Penner (Nickelback, Econoline Crush, and Matthew Good) STARCODE’s new release ‘A Fine Line’ is a full course cross section of the band’s talents as songwriters.  Their live shows are high energy rides that live and breathe as each song literally comes to life.

Live acoustic performances are both engaging and emotional.  Front man Dave O’Connor delivers haunting renditions of current as well as yet to be released material.  These appearances, although infrequent, are a must see demonstration of just how the O’Connor brothers musical talents always leave one wanting more.


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05.29.2021 New dates - See Dave O’Connor live acoustic in Woodbridge, CT on August 21st!

05.24.2021 New dates - See Dave O’Connor live acoustic in Rhode Island on August 19th!


A Fine Line



Don’t Jump

I Found A Way


“..And after wearing out the repeat button on my stereo system while listening to this whole album the past few days, it's no wonder why Starcode has garnered so much attention...” -Charlie Doherty, Blogcritics Magazine

"The mix of influences and the raw musical delivery of each member of Starcode comes together on HUM delivering High Energy Hooky Pop Music, doing to the ears what fine wine does to the pallet." -Dale Penner, Producer

“These indie pop anti-hipsters released ‘Hum’ ........ after introducing the album to over 100 college radio stations throughout North America.  With help from stations such as WEXP-FM in Philadelphia, KZFR-FM in Chico, CA and KZOW-FM in Forest City, Iowa, popular tracks like “Another Day” and “Crash” have been in heavy rotation on DJ’s playlists.....” -Bandweblogs.com

STARCODE has performed with The Goo Goo Dolls, Fono, Smashmouth, The Claypeople, Buck Cherry, Belly, Pete Francis

They have also toured the east coast as well as the former Czech Republic for the DOD entertaining UN troops.

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